Sake Brewing Experience Tour

January Limited!
Sake Brewing Experience Tour

January 19 (Fri.),20 (Sat.), 2024 (1 night, 3 meals)

Two days to enjoy sake from every direction!

5 Attractions of the Tour

  1. Sake brewing experience at a historic sake brewery
  2. All-you-can-drink local sake and local food menu
  3. Hands-on sake class “Sake Board Game”
  4. Limited to the tour! Healing fermented food lunch
  5. Stroll along the traditional street “Sake Brewery Street”

Tour Outline

Seasonal only! Experience a brewery worker!

Yano Sake Brewery, located in Kashima City, Saga Prefecture, is one of the leading sake breweries in Kashima City with a history of over 220 years.

Representative brands are “Take no Sono” and “Hizen Kuragokoro”.

The brewery produces sake that is much loved by the locals.

During the brewing season from December to March, it is difficult to visit the brewery, but we were given a special opportunity to experience the brewery. Sake that you have participated in making will be shipped to your home at a later date.

Hands-on Sake Class “Sake Board Game”
(Guesthouse Maru)
18:00~19:30Sake Board Game
Sake making experience at Yano Sake Brewery
(Guesthouse Maru)
8:40~9:00Arrive at Yano Sake Brewery
9:00~11:30Sake brewing experience
12:30~13:00Check out
※Luggage storage OK
13:00~14:00Fermented food lunch
Meeting placeGuesthouse Maru
1204-4 Hamamachi, Kashima City, Saga Prefecture

Please come to Guest House MARU by public transportation or your own car by 18:00 on 19th.
JR Nagasaki Line…1 minute walk from JR Hizenhama Station.
By car…Free parking available
Reservation deadlineJanuary 14, 2024
ClothingPlease bring the following clothing for the sake brewing experience.
(1) Clean clothes that are easy to put on and take off and easy to move around in.
(2) Shoes for indoor use. (Waterproof shoes are preferable, boots or rain shoes with the soles washed are also acceptable.)
(3)Hat (one that can cover hair)
(4)Towel (to wipe sweat)

Please refrain from wearing perfume or other strongly scented items, nail polish, and natto (strictly prohibited from the day before).

Tour booking

Dates: Friday 19 and Saturday 20 January 2024

24,800yen per person (tax included))

※Minors are not permitted to participate.
※Maximum number of participants: 6

The type of bedroom will change depending on the number of people travelling with you.
・Single person (dormitory in annex / 8-person room)
・2 people sharing a room (private room in the main building / 2-person room)
・3 to 6 participants – sharing a room (private room in the main building / 6-person room)

1 person in a private room in the main building +3,000 yen

Guests stay at “Guest House Maru,” a renovated ryokan (traditional Japanese inn).

Guest House Maru consists of two buildings: the main building with a Japanese pop theme and an annex with an exciting theme.

Towels and amenities are provided.
(Please bring your own pajamas.)

On the evening of the first day of the tour, you will enjoy local sake from Kashima and dishes using local ingredients!

Selected as a National Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings
Hizen Hamashuku Sake Brewery Street

Hizen Hamashuku developed from the Edo period (1603-1867) to the Showa period (1926-1989) mainly through the brewing of sake and soy sauce, and prospered as a post town along the Nagasaki route. 600 meters long, the street is lined with white-walled buildings, large sake cellars and samurai residences and is commonly known as “Sake Brewery Street”.

Tasty and Healthy in the City of Fermentation
Tour only! Fermented Food Lunch

After the brewery experience, go to “GLAD COFFEE” located in the sake brewery street.
Please enjoy a “fermented food lunch” that will make your body happy.